We're going streaking.

Sweep gives you the same feeling as putting a few bucks on a game, without risking your hard earned dollars 💰

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Just ask Emma 👋 Pick a side.

Emma is your personal Sweep agent. She provides a list of games each day and you predict the winners. When you hit 4 wins in a row, you earn Sweepcoins that you can cash out for an Amazon gift card 💰

Earn Sweepcoins 🤑 Rollback your streak.

🐷 Fatten your digital wallet by making daily picks, inviting friends, and more in order to rollback a loss and get your streak back.

Say what? 💬

💸 Amazon cash is way better than real cash. Because Amazon doesn’t take real cash.
Jeff B. from Seattle (no relation to Jeff Bezos. We think.)